No ROPS Safety

Most tractor fatalities are the result of an overturn. The introduction of ROPS and seat belts have helped to save many lives. Tractors built prior to 1985 do not come equipped with a Roll Over Protection System and therefore require caution and respect when operated to ensure the operators safety.

Luckily you can purchase a bolt on Australian made aftermarket ROPS to your Satoh S650G from 

Otherwise use caution, common sense, and these tips when operating any tractor without a ROPS to ensure your safety.

1. If you have a ROPS installed always use the seat belt. If you do not have a ROPS installed never use a seat belt as the possibility of being thrown from the tractor becomes the operators only chance of survival.

2. A tractor has a high center of gravity and can easily tip therefore with out a ROPS you must take responsibility to reduce your risk of a Rollover.

  • Avoid sharp turns and reduce speed when turning.
  • Avoid steep grades, inclines, embankments, ditches, and holes that increase the likely hood of a rollover. To increase safety on slopes always head down slopes and reverse up slopes to keep the tractor in the most stable position possible. Use caution when mowing or operating even on any grade because of the increased risk.
  • Avoid areas with unstable ground that could sink or give way causing the tractor to roll over.
  • Only use the proper 3pt hitch implements and attachments and only tow with a proper drawbar. Do not attach anything to the tractor higher than the drawbar or in a way that the tractor was not designed for as this can cause the tractor to flip backwards.
  • Use caution when operating a front end loader as the weight may change the center of gravity causing a rollover.
  • Avoid pulling stumps or hauling fallen trees if you do not have a ROPS as this is a high risk rollover task.

3. Retrofit your non ROPS tractor with a certified ROPS, although the cost can be significant it is quite affordable compared to the cost of injury or death caused by a roll over.

4. Homemade ROPS are not tested and certified for the loads they require and may offer a false sense of security without the actual protection required.

5. Learn to know your tractor and its limitations so you can always drive and operate it safely. Speed and carelessness can kill.