Maintenance Schedule

The factory recommended Service Schedule. This service schedule is applicable to the tractor operated under normal working conditions. If operating in a muddy place, frequent greasing is needed. If operating in a dusty place the air cleaner and fuel filter should be frequently cleaned or replaced.

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Fluid Capacities

Factory fluid capacities for the various systems and components on your tractor and the recommended viscosity or type of fluid to be used. These volume numbers are based on the initial fill assuming the tank or reservoir is empty.

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Grease Points

The factory breakout detailing all of the Grease Points mentioned in the service and maintenance schedule for the Satoh S650G Tractor. Proper grease service will ensure parts last longer and operate to maximum potential.

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Wiring Diagram

Here you will find a copy of the Factory Satoh wiring diagram. That labels and shows all electrical components on your S650G tractor. 

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Oil Lubrication System

Inside you will find the factory breakout schematic of the Satoh oil lubrication system and information about the choice of engine oil.

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Cooling System

The factory breakout diagram of the Satoh S650G cooling system including the coolant flow direction and components.

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Inside you will find the factory breakout diagram of the Satoh Bison Nikki carburetor. Note that two similar but different types of carburetors were used on the S650G over the years (Stromberg and Nikki). Valley Power has a simple illustration to help you identify which is installed on your tractor.

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Hydraulic System

Here you will find information about the S650G Bison hydraulic system including the factory breakout diagram of the components, information on the fluids, and specific gauge specifications for your tractor.

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Clutch System

Here you will find the factory break out diagram of the S650G clutch mechanism for your reference. 

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Steering Linkage

Here you will find the factory breakout diagram of the steering linkage components for your reference.

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Inside you will find information for the governor engine control system including a governor diagram.

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Transmission System

Inside you will find information for the Satoh S650g transmission system including oil type, location, and factory diagram.

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